Three Reasons Why The Naughty Nurse Is Back!

The Naughty Nurse is very popular woman in the Nutmeg State. With her seductive and classy elegance, coupled with just the perfect amount of…um… Bite, she’s made many a good friend both at home and out of the beer-soaked brewpubs here. You see, The Naughty Nurse is a hard-working nurse that loves nothing more than helping people get better. One day, The Naughty Nurse will find herself alone in the bedroom.

Wait a second…she’s thirsty…but she’s also pretty turned on by the idea of being left alone. All alone by herself for a little while. She makes a bee-line for the bathroom. What follows is two minutes of her pleasuring herself with everything. From rubbing her labia to sucking the hard dick.

The Naughty Nurse can’t get enough of her beer, so when she wakes up the next morning, she’s not only hungover but also very horny. At this point, she will notice that her jeans are now a little damp, and she wasn’t even aware that she was wet. As she stands there drinking her beer and worrying about how she might get into trouble for being such a drunken sloth, she overhears a conversation between two men.

The biggest orgasm of her life!

“So how do you like being a naughty nurse, hunky? ,” one of the men asks. “I love it when I’m pushed over the edge,” The Naughty Nurse replies. “Good thing I asked you how you liked it, stud,” the man responds. “You know what, I have a surprise for you,” he says, pulling out his black hoodie and pulling out a huge bottle of liquor. “I need one of these.”

Before long, The Naughty Nurse is ready to roll about in a big ball. She will feel the biggest orgasm of her life. After her Beer Pong orgasm, she makes sure to thank her lucky stars. Getting such a wild night (and in some parts, including the hospital, she may be the only female nurse allowed to perform this sex position) before exiting the bar, completely wasted but elated. It doesn’t take long for The Naughty Nurse to realize that there has been a problem with her performance. She goes to the hospital to find a nurse who can teach her the proper way to suck cock. But The Naughty Nurse is dismayed. She finds that the only available teacher in her vicinity happens to be the receptionist.

The Naughty Nurse is a refreshing reminder that sexy nurses exist in today’s society!

While she is a refreshing change from the stale, traditional role of the nurse, it is unfortunate that many of today’s portrayals of nurses embody the same tired old stereotypes. While many would have us believe that all sexy nurses are virginal and care-free, The Naughty Nurse is a refreshing reminder that sexy nurses exist in today’s society. By taking a stand on gender roles, she proves that it is perfectly acceptable for women to be sexual. By freeing the female nurse from the outdated and inaccurate stereotypes, we can all celebrate the fact that there are many different types of nursing work!